Express Way Construction Project

Brief Introduction on Express Way Project from Vientiane to Pakse(new route)

Express Way from Savannakketto Saravan
(new route)

  • Location: The third section allocation of the Express Way from Seno, Savannakhetprovince to Napong, Saravanprovince.
  • Developer: Phousy Construction and Development Public Company (PCD).
  • Duration of Concession: 50 Year (BOT).
  • Distance: Length of 128 Km, width of 23 m.
  • Total Investment: 1,024,000,000 USD.
  • Duration of Construction: 4 Years.
  • Start to conduct a survey: In May, 2019.

Express Way from Savannakketto Saravan
(new route)

1) Signthe MOU between the Government’s representativesand PCD (completed);
2) Sign the Contract on new route between the Government’s representative and consultancy company (completed);
3) Sinking financial sources for requesting loan in supporting express way project
4) Procurement of Consultant firm for starting to conduct the technical survey and to draft there portontechnical feasibility study (durationof8monthstooneyear)
5) Sign the agreement on Express Way Project form Xeno, Savannakhet Province to Napong, Saravanprovince
6) Sign the contract with contractor (maybeoverseafirm)
7) Duration of construction divides into 4 phrases
Phrase1: startfrom2020-2021
Phrase2: startfrom2021-2022
Phrase3: startfrom2022-2023
Phrase4: startfrom2023-2024

Map of Express Way from Xenoto Napong

Concept of Express Way’s Design length of 128 km, width of23 m

Express Way Construction Project

Expected Income for Express Way Project

Item Description Value/Percent/Year Construction Year Income Year
1 Total Investment (64 km) $224,062,000
2* Value Construction / Km $8,250,000
3 Construction Start Year 2020
4 Income Year 2025
5 Annual Income $23,000,000
6 Pay Back Period 10 Years
7 Net Present Value $28,418,119
8 Internal Rateof Return 10.14%

Remark: 2* including principal and profit

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